Beaconship Manifesto:
by Tamara Jackson.

On the crest of my 50th year, I stand unapologetically proud. A black woman, rooted in faith, I am prepared to rise as a formidable force at the critical crossroads of marketplace and ministry within our Christian faith circles. My voice is not just my own. It’s a clarion call for every individual who has dared to dream but hesitated to act, fearing the labels of arrogance, greed, or ungodliness.

I am not just proud of who I am and my abilities; I am a beacon of inspiration, igniting a fire in those with ambitious impact, income, and influence goals. With every word I speak and every action I take, I aim to fan the flames of their latent potential, urging them to cast aside their fears and boldly step into their purpose.

My core values guide me like a lighthouse in the storm. Faith is my cornerstone, reminding me that with trust in God, there are no limits to what we can achieve. Significance is my mission, compelling me to live in a manner worthy of imitation. Excellence is my standard, a constant reminder that mediocrity is a betrayal of our divine gifts. Classiness is my essence, reflected in my attire, demeanor, and behavior, a symbol of dignity and respect.

As a leader, I adhere to principles that foster growth and inspire action. Fail Forward, because every setback is a setup for a comeback. Faith Over Fear, to courageously conquer the obstacles that stand in our path. Add Value First, because our worth is measured by the value we bring to others. Find Solutions, to turn every problem into an opportunity for innovation. Build Connections, because together, we are stronger.

At the convergence of marketplace and ministry, I am forging elite strategic alliances and collaborations. I am mingling with high-profile titans, trailblazers, and mavericks, gleaning wisdom from their experiences while sharing my unique insights. Collectively, we are identifying opportunities to bolster visibility, amplify influence, and generate revenue. However, our definition of success is not solely monetary; it’s equally about our contributions to society. Through our combined efforts, we are sparking transformative change, bringing benefits worth millions to our communities, industries, and the world.

United, we are obliterating the glass ceilings that have restrained us. We are redefining the world’s perception of success, prosperity, and godliness. We are architecting a world where faith and ambition are not opposing forces, but harmonious allies. A world where divinely-inspired dreams are not merely fanciful thoughts, but tangible realities.

I stand at the forefront of this movement, inciting inspiration and fanning the inferno. I cast away the shadows of fear and doubt, boldly seizing my rightful position on the grand stage of life. In this very moment, I am the chief orchestrator, skillfully directing the brilliance of others, and carving our collective vision into the infinite fabric of time. This moment is unequivocally mine. The spotlight is on me; it’s my time to shine.

Join me, fellow Beacon. Let’s illuminate the world together.


Introducing the Beacon Fellowship – where exceptional Christian leaders come together to redefine success and reshape the impact of faith in today’s world.

By invitation only, the Beaconship Fellows represent a dynamic and diverse community of influential Christian leaders who are committed to making a profound difference on a global scale. Each Fellow believes in harnessing the power of unity to create extraordinary change. While each has achieved remarkable individual success, they realized that they would stronger personally, professionally, and as a broader community by aligning and co-creating as Fellows.

The Beacon Fellowship: Empowering Visionary Christian Leaders to Make an Indelible Mark on the World.

Join a transformative experience that goes beyond networking. The Beacon Fellowship is your opportunity to amplify your influence, harness your brilliance, and create a legacy that truly lasts.

In a world that’s constantly evolving, the demand for impactful Christian leaders is more urgent than ever. Connect with like-minded visionaries who share your passion for change and your unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact.

Beyond your ministry. Beyond your community.

Don’t just be a leader, become a beacon of light in a world that needs you most.


Create Unparalleled Networking Opportunities
Connect with a diverse community of influential Christian leaders from various backgrounds and industries. Forge strategic alliances, share insights, and collaborate on projects that can change lives.
Amplify Your Message
Together, we can amplify your message and mission. Benefit from the collective wisdom of your fellow Beacon Fellows and gain exposure to a broader audience, reaching individuals who are hungry for your guidance and inspiration.
Tackle Global Challenges
Join forces with other leaders to address pressing global issues such as poverty, inequality, and social challenges. Your collective efforts can create a more significant impact than any one individual or organization can achieve alone.
Build a Supportive Community
The Beacon Fellowship is more than just a network; it’s a family of like-minded leaders who support and uplift each other. Share your challenges, receive encouragement, and find innovative solutions to the obstacles you face.
Accelerate Your Impact
By uniting with other visionary leaders, you can accelerate your impact and achieve your mission and vision in record time. The Beacon Fellowship is your catalyst for transformation and growth.


The Beacon Fellowship is designed for visionary Christian leaders who possess a burning desire to make a profound impact on the world. If you identify with any of the following, you’re a perfect fit for this elite group:
Visionary Christian Leaders
Are you a Christian leader with a bold vision for transformation, driven by faith and ambition? The Beacon Fellowship is your platform to connect with fellow visionaries who share your passion for change.
Ministry Trailblazers
Whether you’re a pastor, preacher, or ministry leader, if you aspire to reach beyond your congregation and amplify your message, The Beacon Fellowship provides the resources and connections to achieve that goal.
Faith-Based Entrepreneurs
Are you an entrepreneur who aims to blend your faith with your business ventures, making a lasting impact on both fronts? The Beacon Fellowship offers you the strategic partnerships and insights to excel in both arenas.
Change Agents
If you’re committed to addressing global challenges such as poverty, inequality, and social issues through your Christian leadership, The Beacon Fellowship is your platform to join forces with like-minded change agents.
Are you ready to amplify your influence and become part of a league of exceptional Christian leaders? The Beacon Fellowship is your invitation to unite with Tamara and other visionary minds. Together, you’ll co-create a powerful wave of transformation, redefining success, prosperity, and godliness.


The Beaconship Mastermind is a powerful alliance of influential Christian leaders shaping the future. This exclusive community is designed for bivocational ministers and entrepreneurs who possess unstoppable drive, unwavering faith, and an unwavering commitment to faith-based leadership. If you hunger for success, possess a fiery passion for your faith, and strive to leave a lasting legacy, welcome home. Your people. Your opportunity to make your mark.

This mastermind is tailor-made for visionaries who dare to dream big, aim high, and possess an unyielding dedication to leaving a lasting impact on the world. Join us and become a part of something extraordinary.

We are a community of exceptional leaders who recognize the profound connection between faith and leadership. Success transcends mere financial achievements; it is about the transformative impact you have on others and the lasting legacy you create.

Prepare to unleash your greatest potential. In the Beaconship Mastermind, you will be surrounded by a community of rare leaders and discover the tools to magnify your influence, conquer obstacles, and build a legacy that stands the test of time. Step into the realm of unparalleled success and legacy-building with the Beaconship Mastermind.

This is your gateway to the prestigious Beacon Fellowship.


Exclusive Access to Tamara Jackson’s Wisdom
Gain unparalleled access to Tamara Jackson’s wealth of wisdom and expertise in Christian leadership. Tap into her 20+ years of experience and knowledge to elevate your own leadership journey.
Forge Powerful Alliances with Fellow Beacons
Connect with a select group of like-minded Christian leaders from diverse backgrounds. Forge strategic alliances, share insights, and collaborate on projects that will shape the future of Christian leadership.
Elevate Your Legacy
This isn’t just about making a mark; it’s about leaving an indelible legacy. Craft a legacy that will inspire and empower future generations of Christian leaders, cementing your place in history.
Transform Your Message into a Global Movement
You have a message that can change lives, but are you reaching enough ears? With Tamara Jackson’s guidance, your voice will reach a worldwide audience. Benefit from the collective wisdom of your fellow Beacon leaders and gain exposure on a scale you’ve never imagined.
Address Global Challenges with Impact
Tamara Jackson’s Beaconship Mastermind empowers you to tackle global challenges head-on. Join forces with other visionary leaders to create a more significant impact, addressing issues like poverty, inequality, and social challenges


The Beaconship Mastermind is tailor-made for emerging visionary Christian leaders, those on the cusp of making a profound impact on the world. If any of the following descriptions resonate with you, then you’re a perfect match for this community:
Emerging Christian Leaders
If you’re a Christian leader brimming with audacious visions for transformation, fueled by unwavering faith and ambition, then the Beaconship Mastermind is your sanctuary. Here, you can connect with kindred spirits who share your passion for catalyzing positive change.
Tomorrow’s Ministry Household Names
Unlock your potential as a pastor, preacher, or ministry leader with The Beacon Mastermind. Expand your influence beyond your current congregation and elevate your message to new heights. Gain access to the tools, resources, and connections you need to amplify your impact far and wide.
Growth-Focused Christian Entrepreneurs
Are you an entrepreneur intent on seamlessly integrating your faith with your business ventures, with the aim of leaving a lasting impact in both realms? The Beaconship Mastermind opens doors to strategic partnerships and insights that will propel your success on both fronts.
Ascending Influencers & Change-Agents
For those deeply committed to addressing global challenges such as poverty, inequality, and pressing social issues through their Christian leadership, The Beaconship Mastermind is the ultimate platform to unite with like-minded change agents. Join forces with us, and together, we’ll ignite the spark of transformation that the world desperately needs.
The Beaconship Mastermind is exclusively designed for rising visionaries like you—leaders who are set to make an enduring mark on the world of Christian leadership. It’s not just about joining a program; it’s about co-creating a movement that will redefine the future of Christian leadership for all time.
“Tam and I have worked on various projects for several years and I’ve been very impressed not just with her work, but with her character. Tam has a very unique and effective approach to Christian leadership and entrepreneurship, and she exemplifies that in her own life. Her deep commitment to her faith has helped her create success and impact both in her work and in her community. She has tireless energy and is always available to help even if only to give advice based on her wisdom, which he has plenty of. I simply cannot say enough good things about Tam Jackson.”

-Chris O’Byrne, Founder JetLaunch Publishing and Pivot Magazine

Illuminating the most extraordinary leaders on the planet.
“The Bible makes it clear that ‘Faith without works is dead.’ Tam is the embodiment of living faith. She walks the walk and speaks life to so many others to pursue the gifts and vision God has given them. She goes above and beyond for those that she coaches and leads and then helps them increase their capacity to do the same for others. Tam is passionate yet methodical, courageous yet measured. She is a leader that makes leaders better; I know that has certainly been the case for me.”

-Maurice F. Martin, Bestselling Author, Transformational Coach, and Host of the Hope Rising Podcast