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We are united in a mission to create extraordinary impact.

In my 50th year, my faith is both my armor and banner. Unwavering and unashamed, I stand fiercely dedicated to the divine purpose that God has uniquely crafted for me.

My mission is crystal clear: to rally Christian leaders, amplifying our collective influence and impact. Together, we are not just building success; we are constructing enduring legacies that will reverberate through time and bear witness to God’s majesty.

To ambitious Christian leaders who are faithful vessels of God’s love and wisdom, I extend this call. Beacons, let us band together, igniting a transformative ripple effect that resonates across the globe.

When we combine our efforts, we transcend our individual boundaries. We can orchestrate a symphony of faith that harmonizes and manifests true greatness.

United, our masterpiece will emerge – a testament to God’s divine presence that captivates and inspires the entire world.

It begins with you. With me. With us.

The Beacons. Leading in Beaconship.

In my 50th year, I embody my faith without compromise. My heart is alight, my ambition is unwavering, my conviction is powerful.

My mission is clear: to use my voice to unite Christian leaders to achieve greater income, influence and impact.

As Beacons, I am calling Christian leaders to stand together. To unite to create a powerful wave of transformation that touches lives around the world.

Together, we can compose a symphony that unites, harmonizes and orchestrates the greatest work of all. In unity, our masterpiece will take shape.

It begins with you. With me. With us.

The Beacons. Leading in Beaconship.

“Tamara is an adept, knowledgeable and ethical leader. She has a passion for helping people create and develop their vision into reality and executes on that exceptionally. The more I learn about her business the more I see just how much she has worked through to put systems and people in place to help others grow. I know Tamara to be a person of faith and her faith deeply impacts her business approach and care of those she works with. This faith foundation creates services that you can trust and helps her create deeper impact for those she works with. When I think of Tamara I think of the words integrity and thoughtful. I know she is going to try to do the right thing and she is present and mindful with those she is talking to. You know you have her full attention (which can be rare these days) and that she is going to operate to help you in the best way possible.”

-Matt Dabbs, Minister & Lead Equipper at Backyard Church


The Beacon Fellowship is the league of exceptional Christian leaders united to co-create a powerful wave of transformation, redefining success, prosperity, and the impact of faith in our modern world. Membership is via invitation only.


For bivocational ministers and entrepreneurs, the Beaconship Mastermind offers a 12-month journey of growth and collaboration. Together, you’ll uplift your business, amplify your impact, while achieving your divine mission without compromise. Membership is via application.


Listen to The Beacon Show with Tamara Jackson, where she delves deep into the success, missions, succession, and legacy of Christian and faith-based leaders. Please apply if you are interested in sharing your story.

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“Tamara’s interactions are infused with intentionality, demonstrating her patience, concern for others, and boundless kindness. She operates with unwavering integrity and an immense sense of purpose, ensuring that every interaction leaves you better than before. Comparisons to the grace we know through Jesus might seem lofty, however it is an accurate descriptor of her compassionate approach to leadership.”

-Emem Washington, J.D., LLM, speaker, TEDx coach and leadership consultant