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Welcome to Beaconship, a sanctuary of inspiration and empowerment, led by the visionary Tamara “Tam” Jackson. Here, we invite you to discover the transformative power of your own beacon, to shine brightly in a world hungry for your unique brilliance.

Tamara Jackson is more than a mentor; she’s a leading light in the realm of Christian leadership. With over two decades of communication, marketing and entrepreneurship experience, Tam has honed her voice into a potent force for change. But her journey is not just about her accomplishments; it’s about her mission to amplify the influence and impact of those who share her faith.

Tamara’s values are like a lighthouse in the storm. Faith is her cornerstone, reminding us that trust in God knows no limits. Significance is her mission, urging us to live in a manner worthy of imitation. Excellence is her standard, a reminder that mediocrity is a betrayal of our divine gifts. Classiness is her essence, reflected in her demeanor, leadership and behavior.

Tamara is at the forefront of curating, catalyzing, and co-creating systemic change through a global community of Beacons. Her vision is that by synthesizing a community of strong, brave leaders, we can seize our individual and collective potential.

By uniting the Beacons of the world in her Beacon Fellowship, and inspiring the up-and-coming Beacons through the Beaconship Mastermind, Tamara is crafting a legacy that will resound for generations, ensuring the Beacon’s story never ends.


The Beacon Fellowship is the league of exceptional Christian leaders united to co-create a powerful wave of transformation, redefining success, prosperity, and the impact of faith in our modern world. Membership is via invitation only.


For bivocational ministers and entrepreneurs, the Beaconship Mastermind offers a 12-month journey of growth and collaboration. Together, you’ll uplift your business, amplify your impact, while achieving your divine mission without compromise. Membership is via application.


Listen to The Beacon Show with Tamara Jackson, where she delves deep into the success, missions, succession, and legacy of Christian and faith-based leaders. Please apply if you are interested in sharing your story.

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“Working with Coach Tam transformed not just my business, but my approach to leadership. Her courage and insight brought my vision to life, creating structure and yielding positive, tangible outcomes. Rooted in Christian principles, Coach Tam guides entrepreneurs to actualize their dreams, from book production to business creation. Her commitment to faith translates into real-world success, fostering excellence and growth in everyone she mentors. With Coach Tam, I’ve experienced wisdom, grace, and the challenge to hone my skills. She embodies the integrity and skillfulness of David from the Bible, inspiring me to elevate Deeper Roots SoulCare to unprecedented heights. Her visionary leadership is a beacon for anyone looking to grow their business. I wholeheartedly recommend Tamara Jackson as a transformative coach and leader.”

-Dr. Kimberly Alexander, Spiritual Director, Founder and Principal of Deeper Roots SoulCare

Illuminating the most extraordinary leaders on the planet.
“Since 2019, my journey with Coach Tam has been a testament to her integrity, steadfastness, and unwavering faith. Her guidance has been pivotal in shaping my growth as a confident child of God. Coach Tam consistently directs me back to God’s voice, asking insightful questions like, ‘Is this a good idea or a God idea?’ Her honesty about entrepreneurial challenges and her ability to navigate setbacks and pivots have been both inspiring and encouraging. The trust she builds is a clear indicator of her profound impact on personal and professional development.”

-Chaunel Johnson, MSODL, SPHR, Burnout Prevention and Leadership Coach