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“Tamara is an adept, knowledgeable and ethical leader. She has a passion for helping people create and develop their vision into reality and executes on that exceptionally. The more I learn about her business the more I see just how much she has worked through to put systems and people in place to help others grow. I know Tamara to be a person of faith and her faith deeply impacts her business approach and care of those she works with. This faith foundation creates services that you can trust and helps her create deeper impact for those she works with. When I think of Tamara I think of the words integrity and thoughtful. I know she is going to try to do the right thing and she is present and mindful with those she is talking to. You know you have her full attention (which can be rare these days) and that she is going to operate to help you in the best way possible.”

-Matt Dabbs, Minister & Lead Equipper at Backyard Church

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