Pursuing Purpose and Living Life as an Adventure with God | Ginger Stache (Full Episode)

Ginger Stache shares about learning to discern God's voice, embracing seasons of waiting, and discovering unexpected purpose in detours and disappointments.

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Have you ever sensed God nudging you in a certain direction, even when it seemed to contradict conventional wisdom? Ginger Stache is living proof that following these divine promptings — no matter how unexpected — can lead to a life of purpose, adventure, and impact. In this uplifting episode of The Beacon Show, Ginger shares valuable lessons gained from learning to let God direct her steps.

Ginger Stache is an Emmy Award-winning documentarian, author, and the Chief Creative Officer of Joyce Meyer ministries. But her journey to this fulfilling role has been anything but straightforward. 

As a young college student, Ginger found herself torn between the safe career path of medicine and the riskier pursuit of her true passion: storytelling

Choosing to follow her heart and trust God’s leading, Ginger set out on a winding road through the world of journalism, talk shows, and television production. Along the way, she discovered her gift for crafting compelling narratives and her calling to use media as a tool for ministry. 

Now, as a key leader at Joyce Meyer ministries, Ginger combines her skills as a storyteller with a heart for God and people, creating content that inspires, encourages, and transforms lives around the globe. Whether she’s writing books, hosting Joyce’s Talk It Out podcast, or championing the cause of women and girls through Project Girl, Ginger’s work is marked by authenticity, creativity, and a deep commitment to Christ. 

In this wide-ranging conversation, Ginger shares candidly about learning to discern God’s voice, embracing seasons of waiting, and discovering the unexpected purpose in the detours and disappointments of life. She offers practical wisdom on everything from leadership and collaboration to parenting and pursuing your God-given dreams. 

Through it all, Ginger’s infectious joy and unshakable faith will leave you inspired to trust God’s plan for your own life, even when the path ahead is uncertain. 

If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and into the great adventure that God has for you, this episode is the perfect place to start. So grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and get ready to be encouraged, challenged, and equipped to live your unique story with passion, purpose, and an unwavering trust in the Author of it all.

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Life Is Not a Straight Path: Learning to Trust the Process

Ginger Stache is a woman of many passions, and she has worn many hats throughout her career. Although she started out studying medicine — following the advice of others who believed it was the “right” choice for her — her true love was in storytelling. 

Upon choosing to follow God’s prompting instead of other’s well-intentioned but misguided advice, Ginger switched to journalism and broadcasting. Her career led her from hosting a talk show to working on documentaries and, eventually, her current role at Joyce Myer Ministries. 

“Your path is not always a really straight one,” Ginger likes to say. “But God takes all those wiggles and makes them make sense.”

Ginger’s story is an excellent example of how masterfully God can bring the various pieces of our lives together into a beautiful mosaic for His glory. 

Although she acknowledges that it can be difficult to know for sure what God is calling us to do, she has also seen that God’s wisdom and understanding are much higher than ours. As long as we earnestly seek to follow His will, He will lead us in the path He has laid out for us — even if it means redirecting our steps. 

“Even if I make a mistake along the way, He’s going to redeem it, as long as my heart is always chasing after Him,” Ginger explains. “So I don’t think you can fall off a cliff and miss God’s will.”

Of course, this does not mean we will understand everything God leads us to do. Sometimes, we may not understand why we must tread a certain path, or how it connects to the rest of our journey.

In times of uncertainty, we must simply trust the process and trust that God will make something beautiful out of it — because, as Ginger says, “There’s something to learn on every path.”

The Power of Wisdom: Learning to Prioritize and Delegate

Ginger defines the wisdom that comes from God as something far beyond knowledge or experience. Rather, it’s an inward guidance that allows us to pull together all the pieces of our lives, trusting God to help us navigate what we are unable to handle on our own.

Wisdom empowers us, filling us with purpose and confidence to manage numerous responsibilities at once. 

By learning to prioritize, we are able to do what Ginger calls “focused multitasking”: giving the majority of our attention to the tasks and people who need it most at this time without neglecting the other important areas of our lives. 

Furthermore, by learning to delegate tasks to others, not only do we save ourselves time and energy that would be better spent elsewhere, but we also provide the opportunity for the people helping us to grow and improve their own skill sets. 

“We [must] shift our priorities,” Ginger says, “from ‘I want to do everything’ to ‘What are the key things that only I can do, and what are the things that I can allow that will empower and teach and show other people love?’”

On an Adventure with God: Lessons Learned Along the Way

Being involved with various outreach projects and missions through Joyce Meyers Ministries has taught Ginger several important lessons about Christian leadership and ministry

Some of these lessons include:

  • God can take even horrific experiences and produce good from them in our lives and in the lives of the people we serve. 
  • God doesn’t measure our gifts by their material value, but by our love for Him and for other people. 
  • When we don’t have the resources to accomplish what God has called us to do, all we can do is trust God to provide — and look for ways to keep moving forward. 
  • Some people have a natural gift for patience, but for most people waiting feels unnatural. But through waiting, we can grow closer to God and learn to trust His timing above our own. 
  • Often, even people who don’t support us or who are difficult to get along with can teach us valuable lessons about leadership and kindness.
  • Success isn’t always about competition — it’s also about lifting each other up and encouraging each other to become better together. 
  • God doesn’t always give us a roadmap. If we focus too much on where we think we want to go, we may miss out on something much better that He has in mind along the way. 
  • There is an amazing adventure waiting for all of us when we choose to follow God’s will for our lives — even if we don’t think we’re the “right” person for that adventure. 

“I don’t want to miss any of the adventures that God has for me,” Ginger says. “So I think it’s important to encourage people in that. Because we think too easily that we can’t do it. But God’s saying, ‘You can, and I want you to.’”

Leaving a Legacy of Joy: Pointing Others to Christ

In closing, Ginger says that the legacy she hopes to leave behind is that her efforts will cause joy in Christ to overflow in other people’s hearts. 

“It’s not that I’ll do something amazing in their life,” she explains, “but it’s that their joy in Christ will overflow, that they’ll be closer to Him, that they’ll know Him a little bit better and there’ll be a smile on their face.” 

None of us knows just how much of an impact we will make on the world around us. But Ginger encourages us to remember that what matters most is not what we, as individuals, may accomplish. 

Instead, the most important thing is that we point others to Christ and encourage them to experience joy in the great adventure of learning to trust and follow Him.

About Ginger Stache

Ginger is an Emmy Award winning documentarian, writer and storyteller. She is also a mom, an unashamed sci-fi nerd, an adventurer, and a leader who believes in the power of compassion, inspiring people, and sharing Jesus by telling great stories. She lives in Missouri with her husband and one small, twitchy puppy. They have two beautiful grown daughters and two spectacular grandchildren.

Ginger has worked in television and media for over 35 years. Today, she is the chief creative officer of Joyce Meyer Ministries. You can find Ginger on Joyce’s Enjoying Everday Life program and hosting Joyce Meyer’s Talk It Out podcast.

Gingers latest book – Chasing Wonder can be seen here

Ginger is passionate about fighting for women and girls worldwide – inspiring them to see their value and the difference they can make. She does this through Project GRL

Ginger’s Blog can be read here.



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