The Beacon Show: Resilience and Vision in Christian Leadership | Dr. Jacqueline King (Full Episode)

Dr. Jacqueline King shares hard-won wisdom for Christian leaders about hearing from God, birthing a vision, building a team, and leaving a legacy.

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Have you ever noticed that when God gives you a vision, it’s not always accompanied by a roadmap? Dr. Jacqueline King knows firsthand the challenges of navigating uncharted territory while holding fast to a God-given dream. In this powerful episode of The Beacon Show, Dr. King shares how a spirit of resilience and commitment to her vision carried her to new heights of success. 

Dr. Jacqueline King is the visionary behind Black Women Empowered, a thriving online community and ministry network dedicated to inspiring, connecting, and uplifting black women around the world. What began as a small Facebook group has grown into a multi-platform movement, reaching millions of members. 

But this journey from obedience to manifestation was anything but smooth. After losing her job unexpectedly, Dr. King found herself at a crossroads: give up on the vision, or trust God to provide. She chose to trust God and watched in awe as doors opened and resources materialized in miraculous ways. 

For over a decade, Dr. King poured into her community without any financial compensation, fueled by a deep conviction that this was her God-appointed assignment. Her strong faith and resilience in the face of obstacles set an example for what’s possible when we say yes to God’s call. 

Now, with the launch of the Black Women Empowered Directory, Dr. King is taking the ministry to new heights, creating a space for black women, entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives to showcase their talents, connect with each other, and access valuable resources to help them thrive. 

In this inspiring conversation, Dr. King shares her hard-won wisdom about hearing from God, birthing a vision, building a team, and leaving a legacy. Her story will remind you that, no matter how long the journey or how great the opposition, God is faithful to complete the good work that He’s begun in you. 

If you’ve ever wrestled with questions of purpose, provision, or perseverance, this episode is for you. Get ready to be encouraged, empowered, and equipped to pursue your God-given dreams with fresh faith and tenacity. 

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Choosing Resilience and Obedience in the Face of Discouragement

Today, Dr. Jacqueline King’s accomplishments are a testament to a type of success that is also a blessing to others. But although she says God gave her the vision for her ministry, Black Women Empowered, about 12 years ago, she initially resisted His call to quit her job.

But, as Dr. King says, “God doesn’t take no for an answer.” Not long after, she lost her job. “You’re wise if you’re listening to God instead of ignoring what He’s saying,” she adds. “Because it’s going to turn out in His favor anyway.”

After being let go from her position, Dr. King obeyed God’s call and laid the groundwork for Black Women Empowered. She started up a Facebook group, with the simple desire to encourage those women to grow in their relationships with God, themselves, and each other. 

Over time, Black Women Empowered expanded across numerous platforms and grew from 200 to millions of members. 

Through this ministry, Dr. King uplifts and advocates for fellow black women, encouraging them to embrace the person God made each of them to be and to trust Him in the face of fear, uncertainty, and even failure. 

But this amazing growth did not happen overnight. Dr. King spent a lot of time posting in the group and receiving no response from the women she was trying to encourage. At times, she questioned whether she was doing the right thing. 

Many people would have given up in that situation. But Dr. King persisted, and her resilience paid off. “I don’t believe that God gives you a vision without a provision,” she says now. “If He said ‘Do it,’ He’s going to provide the means for it to come to fruition.”

Building a Team that Supports the Vision

No matter the vision God has given you, it is essential to have good people in your life who can act as a voice of wisdom and help you bring that vision to life.

Whether those people only stay with you for a season or walk alongside you throughout your entire journey, choose your support system carefully. As Dr. King has learned, the right people will support your God-given dream instead of dragging you down with negativity. 

“God gives the vision to the visionary,” Dr. King says. “He doesn’t give it to the people. And so if you’ve got people that are trying to alter your vision, then they’re not supposed to be part of it.”

By surrounding herself with positive people whose skills supplement her own, Dr. King has been able to build a community of like-minded individuals who can support, encourage, and help each other achieve success.

Overcoming Hesitation About Monetizing

For years, Dr. King ran her ministry for free. But as the Black Women Empowered Directory — and the number of women she had been able to help — grew, she heard God prompting her: it was time to monetize her services. 

Many Christian leaders hesitate to monetize what they view as their ministry, often out of fear of how others will perceive them. But Dr. King views it simply as being compensated for her work and earning the necessary funds to cover her ministry’s expenses. 

“I don’t believe that God intends for us to struggle, especially if we’re doing his work,” she explains. 

As Christian leaders, we must understand that the vision God has given us is big — but in order for it to impact thousands or millions of lives, there has to be financial support coming in. 

So don’t be afraid to accept compensation as you pour into others’ lives. As long as you operate in integrity, ensure your focus is on the people you are called to serve, and follow God’s leading in every step you take, there is nothing wrong with being paid. 

In fact, you need to receive financial compensation, so you can continue to serve your audience to the best of your abilities. 

Leaving a Lasting Legacy Through Succession Planning

Our role as leaders is to nurture and care for those we have been entrusted to lead. In this way, becoming a Beacon enables you to speak into people’s lives in new and unique ways, putting important issues on their radar that they might not be thinking about on their own. 

For Dr. King, one of those important issues is succession planning. Dr. King is confident that Black Women Empowered will continue to thrive long after she has passed on, because she has laid plans for it to live on without her. 

“If you take your vision to the grave, that’s the end of that,” she cautions. “That vision dies with you.”

None of us knows how much time we have left on this earth. By leaving plans for others to take up our ministries after we are gone — and by making other vital preparations for our own passing — we can leave a lasting legacy and relieve future financial and emotional burdens for our loved ones.

About Dr. Jacqueline King

Dr. Jaqueline King started Black Women Empowered (BWE) in November 2011. While watching BET’s Black Girls Rock and the excitement from the women on Facebook, God spoke to her and said, “What happens when the excitement ends?” It was this question that caused Black Women Empowered to be born.

BWE started out with just over 200 women on Facebook and ultimately reached over one million fans on a daily basis. BWE now uses other social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, Periscope, and Pinterest to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, several other social media pages were launched, including Black Women Empowered New Jersey/New York, Black Women Empowered Atlanta, Black Girls Empowered, Black Men Empowered, BWE Live Broadcasts, BWE Encouragement, and BWE Obama Family Fan Page. 

Dr. King spent almost twenty-six years working in various management positions at the largest electric and gas utility company in New Jersey.  She left New Jersey in 2004 and relocated to Greensboro, NC.  Having served on several boards in New Jersey, She served for several years at the Greensboro Human Relations Commission in Greensboro as the Vice Chair, the Greensboro Police Community Review Board as the Vice Chair, NC. the Greensboro Chief of Police Faith-Based Council, the Child Placement Review Board of Mercer County, NJ, the College of New Jersey Non-Traditional Jobs for Women,  the Middlesex County Gender and Equity Board, the Ewing Township General Assistance Board and the Mayor of Newark’s Diversity Council, to name a few. She is the mother of two amazing children, Eric and Ashley, with three beautiful Grandchildren, Daija, Christopher, and Corbin. Her favorite quote is, “The truth is not always popular, but it is always correct.” Her favorite scripture is Isaiah 54:17: “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD”.

Visit Dr. King’s website here. Connect with Dr. King on LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

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