The Beacon Show: Trusting God’s Provision in Christian Entrepreneurship | Aaron Burns (Full Episode)

Christian filmmaker Aaron Burns shares his inspiring journey of stepping out in faith and following God's calling, even when success seemed impossible.

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When people whose expertise you trust tell you your vision is impossible, you have two options: give up, or trust God to provide a miracle. Producer Aaron Burns chose the latter, and in this episode of The Beacon Show, he shares his inspiring story, challenging you to step out in faith and pursue your God-given dreams no matter the odds. 

Aaron Burns is a passionate filmmaker and storyteller who brings directing, producing, and business expertise to his projects. From his very first feature film made with college savings and donations from family and friends, Aaron has seen God provide in miraculous ways to bring his visions to life. 

But the road to success has been anything but smooth. Aaron has also faced seasons of darkness that tested his faith and resolve. Through it all, he has learned invaluable lessons about identity, discipleship, and what it truly means to be successful in God’s eyes. 

Today, Aaron continues to create timeless faith-filled family-friendly adventures that inspire audiences around the world. His producing credits include box office hits like War Room, Overcomer, and Courageous Legacy. His latest project, a biopic about the Hollywood legend Jimmy Stewart, is already generating some buzz. 

But beyond the accolades and achievements, Aaron’s heart is to be faithful in the little things, to be a hero to his wife and children, and to leave a legacy of obedience and selfless concern for others. 

Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and equipped to chase your own God-sized dreams as we dive into Aaron’s story of unwavering faith, resilience, and purpose-driven filmmaking. You won’t want to miss a minute of this powerful conversation!

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The Road to Filmmaking Success

Aaron Burns says that, as a child, he could often be found fighting imaginary dragons in his backyard. “I grew up with a dad who told me stories every night and a mom who gave me good books to read,” he explains. “So my head was pumped full of storytelling, a love of adventure, and a sense of timelessness.”

Eventually, that foundational love of storytelling would lead Aaron to a career in filmmaking. But within the community of his hometown in Michigan, entrepreneurship — especially in a creative field — was not considered a “real job.” So, for much of his life, Aaron viewed making movies as a hobby, not a potential career path. 

All that changed during Aaron’s teenage years, when he and his cousin decided to move away from their usual backyard movies and make a legitimate feature film — which was much easier said than done. They pooled college funds and donations from church friends, but there simply wasn’t enough money to bring their vision to life. 

Trusted family members told Aaron and his cousin that only a miracle could make this movie possible, and that it was foolish to take such a risk. “I remember saying, ‘God, if you want us to do it, then you will have to lead,’” Aaron recalls. 

Trusting in God to lead the way, Aaron and his cousin persevered. Ultimately, not only did that first movie — a faith-based family adventure film called Pendragon — successfully bring in a small return on their investment, but it also set Aaron on the path to making adventure movies to reach families with a message of faith.

The road to success has been long, with plenty of wins and losses along the way, but — in Aaron’s words — “there’s no such thing as a straight road from where you are to where you dream of going.”

The Role of Discipleship in Achieving Our God-Given Dreams

Aaron’s story highlights the importance of trusting God to provide when everyone around you says your vision is impossible. But it also reveals the crucial role that godly mentors play in helping us achieve our God-given dreams.

For Aaron, having trusted mentors in his life has helped him both attain success and navigate failure. 

From a friend in college who taught Aaron about effective Christian leadership to an investor who stayed by Aaron’s side even after the next movie lost all the money he had invested, Aaron’s mentors have helped him grow his faith and his profession, and have taught him that discipleship is about walking with someone through all of the joys and hardships of life. 

“I think that discipleship and mentoring is probably the single most important factor in developing as a person,” he says. “If you are not discipling someone else, and you’re not being discipled, then you’re failing the Great Commission. And that’s like your number one job as a follower of Jesus.”

As we pursue our passions and dreams, it’s easy for us to become isolated and try to do things on our own. But Aaron’s story illuminates the importance of strong relationships with others who are experienced in following Jesus. Through community and following godly examples, we can truly grow into all that God wants us to be.

The Impact of Failure and the True Measure of Success

Aaron’s second film seemed poised for even bigger success than his first. Miraculous, last-minute funding made Beyond the Mask possible, and Aaron and his team were pleased with the finished product.

But complications arose in the distribution stage, when the distribution company went bankrupt, draining all of the movie’s revenue so they couldn’t repay investors. 

To make matters worse, shortly after the movie’s failure, Aaron experienced several personal hardships. He describes it as a very dark season of his life, where he had difficulty sleeping each night because he didn’t know how he would get through the next day. 

Sometimes, God’s provision does not come by way of material gain or easy answers, but as a lesson for our own personal development. For Aaron, this dark and difficult season was a lesson in choosing faith over fear.

“Fear is looking into the future, imagining that the worst will happen, and then believing that God won’t be there with you,” he says. “But faith is looking at the future and saying, okay, probably the worst isn’t gonna happen. But even if it does, I know that God will be there with me… The Lord is my portion. And that is the foundation that you can start to rebuild from.”

Through seasons of failure and seasons of success, Aaron has learned to define true success not by public records of his accomplishments or critical accolades, but by staying true to his God-given calling. “Success is not measured by results,” he explains, “but it’s measured by faithfulness.”

Understanding this definition of success has allowed Aaron to remain grounded in his identity in Christ, no matter what earthly highs or lows he may encounter.

The Key to Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Aaron’s current projects include The Forge, a Kendrick Brothers production about discipleship releasing in August, and the upcoming Jimmy Stewart biopic, which is in the early stages of development. 

But though making timeless films to inspire future generations is important to Aaron, he says his #1 goal is to “be faithful in the small things” like serving his community and prioritizing his relationship with his wife and children. 

“If you are not a hero at home, and a hero to the people who are the closest to you, then you have failed in the responsibilities God has given you,” he says. “God calls us to do big things, but He never calls us to disobey Him in order to accomplish a goal.”

By trusting in God’s provision through both the heights of success and the depths of failure, and by remaining faithful to his responsibility as a husband, father, and Christian leader, Aaron sets a shining example of faith, resilience, and service in Christian entrepreneurship that has — and will continue to — stand the test of time.

About Aaron Burns

Aaron Burns is a passionate team leader and filmmaker who brings directing, producing, and business expertise to his projects. Aaron directed BIRTHRIGHT OUTLAW, a western starring Sarah Drew and the adventure film LEGACY PEAK, starring Lucas Black for Sony AFFIRM. His producing credits include the record-setting film BEYOND THE MASK, the #1 box-office hit WAR ROOM, as well as OVERCOMER, LIFEMARK, COURAGEOUS LEGACY, and PENDRAGON. He lives in Michigan with his wife Andrea and five children.

Burns & Co next production is to bring James Stewart’s story to the big screen.

Visit Aaron’s website here. Connect with Aaron on Facebook.

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