Welcome to The Beacon Show: Words of Wisdom Empowering Christian Leadership

Welcome to The Beacon Show, where host Tamara "Tam" Jackson empowers you to unite your faith and influence for transformative impact. Check out a sneak peek at words of wisdom shared by 10 of today's Christian leaders.

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Are you a Christian leader ready to shatter the glass ceilings holding you back from your God-given purpose? Welcome to The Beacon Show, where host Tamara “Tam” Jackson empowers you to unite your faith and influence for transformative impact.

Each week, Tamara brings you powerful conversations with True Beacons—Christian leaders illuminating the world on a global scale. Through biblical wisdom and practical strategies, you’ll learn how to boldly pursue your purpose, navigate the complexities of your role, and become a beacon of light in your sphere of influence.

Together, we’ll prove that faith and ambition aren’t contradictory but complementary. Your divinely inspired dreams aren’t just possible but inevitable with God’s help. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or just stepping into your calling, The Beacon Show will inspire and guide you to let your light shine brighter than ever before.

Check out a sneak peek at the words of wisdom shared by ten of today’s Christian leaders below, as well as on Apple Podcasts and YouTube

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Trusting God's Provision in Christian Entrepreneurship | Aaron Burns

When Aaron Burns started working on his first film, success seemed beyond his reach. With only a small amount of savings and donations, he simply didn’t have the funds to bring his vision to life. Trusted family members told him that only a miracle could make it possible, and that it was foolish to take such a risk.

“I remember saying, ‘God, if you want us to do it, then you will have to lead,’” Aaron recalls. 

By following God’s lead despite naysayers and doubts, Aaron accomplished his goal and successfully launched his career in film production. The road to success has been long, with plenty of successes and failures along the way, but — in Aaron’s words — “there’s no such thing as a straight road from where you are to where you dream of going.”

Navigating Challenges with Faith and Leadership | Bethany Rose

Even when we follow God’s direction, no path to success is without its rough patches. While each circumstance is unique, Bethany Rose and her husband have developed a strategy to help them keep going when there seems to be no way out.

Their strategy includes:

  • Keeping a constant line of communication open so they can shoulder each other’s burdens
  • Creating a plan of action in case they need to change courses
  • Praying constantly for God’s guidance

“God is in it with you,” she reminds us. “He wants to walk through it with you.”

By supporting each other, being open to change, and trusting God through it all, Bethany and her husband are able to weather any storm that comes their way and come out stronger on the other side. 

Resilience and Vision in Christian Leadership | Dr. Jacqueline King

Dr. Jacqueline King knew the vision God had given her was the right course for her to take, but she had to walk that path without any feedback from the people around her that she was doing the right thing.

Still, God’s work in Dr. King’s life showed her that this calling with not optional, and so she persisted. 

“I don’t believe that God gives you a vision without a provision,” she says.

By trusting God to bring her mission to fruition, Dr. King has been able to push past discouragement and set an example of resilience and hope in difficult circumstances.

Trusting God's Wisdom in Christian Leadership | Ginger Stache

Ginger Stache, Chief Creative Officer of Joyce Meyer Ministries, has at times questioned the road God seemed to be leading her down. But in those times of uncertainty, she has learned that what truly matters is trusting in God’s wisdom and understanding instead of her own.

“God is good and He’s a lot smarter than I am,” she says. “He really does bring it all together in a beautiful way.”

By ensuring that her heart is always chasing after God’s will, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense, Ginger has seen God’s plans for her life come together in a dazzling mosaic beyond her wildest imagination.

Gaining Clarity and Discipline as a Christian Entrepreneur | Josh Forti

Today, Josh Forti advocates for the importance of stepping away to regain clarity as an entrepreneur. After all, muddy water will only become clear if you let it settle instead of continuing to stir it up. 

But to learn this lesson, Josh had to face his fears and walk away from the business he had built. Through the experience, he realized that without clarity on who God has called him to be, it’s extremely difficult to lead others.

“God is not a God of chaos; He is a God of clarity,” Josh says.

Through learning to step away and listening to the advice of those who have gone before him, Josh has discovered that sometimes all you need is clarity and discipline to move steadily in the direction of your dreams. 

Humility and Transparency in Christian Leadership | Nadya Williams

Many people hope that becoming a Christian will make their lives easier. But, as author Nadya Williams has learned, this isn’t usually the case. From biblical figures to present-day Christian leaders, anyone can fall into the trap of sin and pride. 

While having a large platform is a great opportunity to point others to Christ, it can also lead to “Christian celebrities” who tend to draw more attention to themselves instead. 

“Jesus’ promises are not for this world,” Nadya says. “That’s a really difficult lesson for all of us, including for me.”

But by following examples like that of the Apostle Paul, staying humble and open about our struggles, and keeping Christ at the center of everything we do, Nadya reminds us that we can use our platforms for the Kingdom of God and not only for our own benefit.

Balancing Purpose-Driven Leadership and Rest | Pastor Nikki Canady-Boyd

One of the biggest challenges of Christian leadership is balancing our time between serving others and taking care of ourselves. As Pastor Nikki Canady-Boyd has learned, without proper rest, we won’t be able to continue our work as effectively. 

“I have to make time for myself,” Pastor Nikki says. “If I feel my body just not going as it should, I know that it’s time for me to chill out and just rest.”

By intentionally scheduling time for both family bonding and personal rest, Pastor Nikki is able to strike a healthier balance between ministry and personal life.

Fundamental Christian Business Principles for Nonprofits | Tom Vozzo

For those who want to start up a nonprofit, Tom Vozzo, CEO of Homeboy Industries, advises learning how to run a successful for-profit business first, and then transition to the nonprofit sector with your mission in mind. 

“Our mission is to create job opportunities and training opportunities so that people can have stability in their life,” Tom explains. “So our labor line is going to be bigger than everybody else’s comparable labor line.”

By operating according to good business practices and keeping the mission at the forefront, Tom demonstrates how a successful nonprofit can grow and effectively carry out its unique call.

Christian Motivation to Obey God’s Call Without Delay | Bob Dudley

Dr. Bob Dudley has accomplished many things in life and ministry, but God has given him even bigger plans for the future. While some might advise taking a “slow and steady approach,” Bob believes that delaying his God-given vision might mean missing out on seeing that vision through to its completion.

“We have to mind the time because the devil is not waiting,” Bob says. “He’s destroying as many lives as he can, as fast as he can.”

By following God’s call without delay, Bob is launching an attack against the work of the Enemy, trusting that nothing can stand against the fulfillment of God’s will.

Practicing Faith at Work to Achieve the Impossible | Dan Merchant

As an award-winning television writer and producer, Dan Merchant has seen firsthand how difficult it is to create something that people enjoy and resonate with — especially when the story he feels called to write isn’t likely to appeal to mainstream audiences. But Dan has also learned that sometimes, you just have to give it a try and see what works. 

“It’s all impossible anyway,” Dan says. “So you might as well try.”

By trying to be the best steward he can be of the ideas given to him by the Holy Spirit, Dan has achieved success and learned along the way that you can’t always trust what viewers are predicted to enjoy. So if you have an idea that seems like it will never work, you might as well give it a try.

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